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At Koko Keratin, we are determined to revitalize the essence of the beauty industry. We strive to develop and deliver luxurious goods to a global marketplace. Our reputation is exhibited through the quality of our brand and products. Koko Keratin has formulated the original Chocolate Brazilian Keratin Treatment, which has been an absolute success in the beauty industry. Koko Keratin luxurious goods are formulated and made in the USA, with ingredients that have been tested and proven to be one of a kind! The natural keratin protein consisted in our products Rebuilds, Restores and Rejuvenates all types of hair. Our team invites you to experience Koko Keratin and create beautiful looking hair every day!



It is a Brazilian keratin infused treatment that hydrates and fortifies the hair.
This revolutionary treatment infuses keratin (protein) deep into the hair in the form of a protective layer to eliminate frizz, smooth and strengthens the cuticle.

Time is determined on an individual basis. In this case, hair length, type and texture are the main factors that determine the time. Normally it is recommended to allow a two-to-three hour window.

The result is beautiful, silky, healthy hair with a naturally vibrant shine.

No. It is a treatment that naturally strengthens & straightens hair by infusing keratin (protein) in order to protect the hair shaft from inside out.

Yes. The treatment can be done over relaxed hair / chemically processed hair / highlighter hair / previously treated hair.

It is recommended to cut the hair afterwards; since the resulting hair will have a smoother texture, the trim will be more precise.

Yes. It is recommend doing the treatment only after you color your hair for better results. If you choose to apply the color after the treatment, it is recommended to wait at least two weeks before coloring.

Yes. It is recommended that the hair be colored first. Doing so will create best results as the treatment will seal the color in the hair, making it last longer.

Yes. The treatment can be done right after getting highlights.

It is recommended to wash the hair 48 to 72 hours after the treatment was done. (the longer, the better)

Keratin Care Shampoo & Keratin Care Conditioner (Sodium Chloride Free)

No, it is not possible to use any hair product during the initial 72 hours.

Straighten out the ridge in the hair using either a flat iron or a blow dryer.

Not in the first 72 hours. After 72 hours it is possible

Yes. However, the treatment will not last as long as hair previously chemically processed / treated.

Two months on virgin hair, on any other type of hair three – four months.

The FDA & Our Company don’t recommend it.

No. The child may become irritated by the smell. It is recommended that the child will not be present.

Yes. It is recommended for children ages 14 or older.

It is possible to do the treatment every 4 to 6 months.

Return policy

All Koko Keratin’s products are subject exclusively to this Return Policy. ALL PRODUCTS ARE SUBJECT TO EXCHANGE ONLY, except as provided in subparagraph (a) below. The following terms and conditions cover the situations where either (a) the products are faulty or damaged on delivery; or (b) you change your mind and wish to return non-faulty products.
a. Return of Products received damaged or faulty on delivery: Where products are received by you faulty or damaged, You must notify Koko Keratin or its authorized distributor within 10 days of your receipt of the damages or faulty products in order for replacement product to be sent free of charge. You may receive a refund if it is determined that the product was not damaged by you, and the product was faulty at the time of receipt. No claim will be accepted once the 10 day period expires. Any re-delivery is subject to the safe return of any faulty or damaged goods in its original packaging along with a copy of the purchase receipt. If you have purchased the product from an authorized agent of Koko Keratin, please contact the authorized agent within the 10 days period for your exchange or refund. If you have purchased the Product directly from Koko Keratin’s website, please contact us for a Return Authorization and return the Faulty Products to:
Koko Keratin, LLC,
5382 SW 38th way,
Fort lauderdale, FL 33312.