Individual Keratin Trial Kit - Collagenique

The 4oz Individual Brazilian Keratin Trial Kit is recommended for those that seek a taste of Koko’s outstanding products. The Brazilian keratin kit includes a DVD explaining the how to use each treatment. Each trial kit contains 2 - 3 applications. The treatment improves the health of the hair, forming a protective layer around the hair shaft. The 90-minute process leaves hair smooth, shiny and frizz free for up to 12 weeks.

Being Sulfate Free, the Moisturizing keratin care shampoo and conditioner ensure longer lasting results.
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This Individual keratin trial kit gives you the chance to get to know our high quality hair care products for an introduction price. This kit contains all the products you will need for a professional, high end hair treatment


"collagenique concept” Keratin Infused Treatment 4oz 
(1 - 2 applications)

Koko keratins strong protective qualities improve the hair both inside and out. Our unique formula of keratin and collagen gently blends with the hair and brings the hair all that was lacking to begin with and what it has lost over the years, to bring it back to life. Is your hair dull dry and damaged? Is it curly, wavy, frizzy, over voluminous or unmanageable? our unique collagen infused keratin formula puts an end to all that ! The keratin and collagen molecules penetrate the hair cortex improving and repairing the quality of the hair from the inside out including the scalp. It will add strength, elasticity and moisture. The result is smooth, soft, shiny and straightened hair. The larger molecules coat the hair cuticle and take the environmental damages such as UV rays, smog, heat and smoke for your hair on the outside, And prevents Further damage to the hair to occur .

“Clarifying Shampoo” Pre-Treatment Deep Cleanser 4oz

Koko's Deep Cleansing Clarifying shampoo caters to everyone looking for volume, clean, healthy hair just a few times after using. As a result, you will enjoy stronger and more elastic hair. It will be shinier, oil free and look livelier than before. Your hair will be effectively protected from damage and breakage. This refreshing blend of purifying botanical elements gently cleanse and remove surface impurities. An essential step to deeply cleanse the hair and help the treatment penetrate into the cuticle of the hair

“Aromatic Shampoo” Intensifying Keratin Care 4oz

The Intensifying Keratin Care “Aromatic Shampoo” is a rich and nourishing infusion of cleansing elements that leave hair healthy, stronger, and more manageable with a vibrant finish. Protective and moisturizing, this aromatic shampoo provides a luxurious lather and gives hair silky smoothness and a lasting shine.

“Aromatic Conditioner” Intensifying Keratin Care 4oz

The intensifying Keratin Care “Aromatic Conditioner” is a light yet deeply moisturizing crème rinse that nourishes, conditions, and strengthens the hair. Restore split ends, breakage, and dryness with a blend of moisturizing ingredients that soften, smooth and leave hair vividly healthy and silky.


1. Wash hair with Koko Clarifying Shampoo.

2. Blow-dry the hair with moderate heat until the hair is 80% dry.

3. Separate the hair into 4 sections with a color brush.

4. Apply product with silicon brush, section-by-section, ¼” from the roots.

Do not apply on the scalp. Comb through it to ensure that the product is evenly applied.

5. Blow-dry the hair 100% at medium heat.

6. Complete the styling process using a flat iron set to 450°F, 10 – 12 times for each section.

7. DO NOT wash, wet, or apply any products to the hair in the first 48-72 hours after application.

8. Use Koko Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner after the treatment to maintain desired results.

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